Daniel Assouline at Upclick in Montreal
CEO at Upclick
Upclick Immensely Benefits From Vast Experience Of Its Co-Founder, Daniel Assouline

Daniel Assouline UpClickA majority of people think it is insane to compare a person who heads a large organization with a huge turnover and a person who is the leader of a small (start-ups) with lesser number of employees and lower turnover. They may seem to be right for a moment, but you dig deeper and you will be surprised to see similarity in traits that leaders, whether of a big or a small organization, share.

No two human beings are the same. Likewise, no two CEOs are same and it will be naïve to think that they will bring the same set of characteristics and skill sets to the organization.

There are indeed some commonalities that all successful leaders, regardless of their education or background, share with each other. A leader, irrespective of the organization he heads and the type of industry his organization operates in, has to be a quick thinker and a problem-solver to succeed to the very top. Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com and co-founder of Upclick, is one such person who is fully capable of heading any modern organization with its own set of challenges and demands.

Good CEOs can come from the organization itself or they, like UpClick.com’s CEO Daniel Assouline, can have a wide-ranging career among a variety of sectors. No matter where they come from, they have to have the vision and passion to take their organization to the pinnacle.

Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com, is an engineering graduate from Université de Montréal - Ecole polytechnique de Montréal. He also holds an MBA degree from Queen's University.


25 Sep 2019 - 06:53 am

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10 Jan 2014 - 04:56 am

The key to success for a leader is to have a broad vision and driving passion to succeed. Even if a person has all the qualities to persuade people and communicate with a team, it is of no use unless the leader has an objective that is right for the company. The success of Daniel Assouline Montreal is a beacon of light for digital merchants.

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