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Daniel Assouline of Montreal: A Multi-Faceted Personality

05 Jul 14 - 05:32

Daniel Assouline of Montreal is an extraverted personality – sociable and self confident. He has lived in places as diverse as Zaire (now Congo), Guadeloupe, USA, France, and Mexico.  Each country was a pleasant experience for him.

At the end of the day, however, he feels European in mind but North-American at heart.

He is a family man like any other. With four loving children, he enjoys simple pleasures of life. He loves sea, boating, and spends good time with his friends and family.
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Daniel Assouline: A Great Leader with Vision

02 Jun 14 - 02:13

Daniel Assouline has the amazing ability to envision things and strategize accordingly. This multiplies chances for success. This engineering graduate and MBA successfully drove UpClick, internet solutions company, to heights of success. He co-founded the company and served as its CEO.

Daniel’s accomplishments

Daniel Assouline, UpClick's ex-CEO, has turned a low-motivated work culture into a highly motivated one. Daniel’s intelligent step has proved that a motivated and skilled team can...
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Daniel Assouline, UpClicks Co-Founder, Makes a Fine CEO

07 Apr 14 - 00:49

Daniel Assouline, UpClick's co-founder, is a man with strong focus, passion, and ambition. He is a devoted leader who gives his 100 percent to whatever he does. He displays qualities of a good boss, somebody whom employees love and respect. People are actually eager to work under such a person.

Daniel Assouline is known to keep his employees motivated and happy. Experts say that a happy and inspired workforce can take an organization to heights of success. An entrepreneur, who...
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