Daniel Assouline at Upclick in Montreal
CEO at Upclick
We are well into the second decade of the stride of e-commerce into our lives.

Businesses are beginning to realize that e-commerce is no longer a supplementary strategy for growth. Rather, it is the main channel not only to expand but to sustain existing level of business.

B2C and B2B companies across a range of industries and segments are taking up e-commerce in a big way.

For Daniel Assouline, this presents a great opportunity to leverage his skills and that of his team.

Daniel Assouline of Upclick is heading a company that has grown into a true market leader and deservedly claims of having the highest converting e-commerce platform in the industry. Daniel Assouline has a staff replete with conversion funnel optimization specialists.

Businesses have realized that by just putting up a website displaying products and services will not get them far, unless a good percentage of customers convert site visits to sales.

Daniel Assouline and his team offer customers conversion funnel optimization to generate more conversions. These optimization services are SaaS solutions that rapidly enhance a company’s ecommerce website or platform.

Optimization services address a wide range of needs. The solution by Daniel Assouline enhances the architecture of a website at all stages of the buying cycle.

Upclick.com is now catering to all segments. It can be customers who are looking for straightforward DIY solutions for accepting payments online or the savvier entrepreneurs wanting fully customized ecommerce integration.
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