Daniel Assouline at Upclick in Montreal
CEO at Upclick
A leader has to possess some important qualities to successfully lead a modern organization. Some people are born with it, while others acquire it over a period of time. Daniel Assouline is the chairman and co-founder of payment processing company, UpClick. A passionate and dedicated leader, Assouline has made his organization a force to reckon with in a very short period of time.

Some of the very important qualities that have made him truly stand out as an exceptional leader are as following:


No modern organization can hope of succeeding without a visionary leader at the helm of the affair. In a marketplace marked by fierce competition, a leader has to have the ability of peeking into the future. This enables them to take advantage of the opportunities that the business may have to offer and avoid pitfalls that could really set their organization back.

Daniel Assouline is a visionary leader in every sense of the world. He has this unique ability to peek into the future, which makes him better prepare to handle market turbulence and uncertainties. A master strategist and a great visionary, Assouline is truly on his way towards taking his organization to the number one position.


Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com, is a courageous leader who loves challenges and is not afraid of taking tough decisions if the situation and circumstances so demand. A continuous learner, Assouline treats every mistake or challenge as a valuable life lesson.

Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com, is also a quick thinker and a decision maker. He does not shy away from delegating authority, which really helps him in his decision making.
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