Daniel Assouline at Upclick in Montreal
CEO at Upclick
The role of communication in shaping the culture of the organization is a very important one. A leader must have good communication skills to persuade the employees to channelize their efforts to fully achieve the firm’s goals and objectives. Daniel Assouline is a visionary leader who has the requisite communication skills to properly convey his vision to his subordinates. Motivated employees with well-defined goals and clear vision become an invaluable asset for the organization.

Accessibility and sound communication skills are two very important tools in a leader’s arsenal. The new age workforce is not one that will yield to your command without any query or question. Full of energy and enthusiasm they want to get involved and their voices heard. Easy accessibility to the CEO’s cabin can translate into better ideas and faster decision making processes.


Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based UpClick.com, is an excellent communicator with exceptional problem solving skills. He believes that a modern organization shares a quid pro quo form of arrangement with its employees. You help them get what they want and they will help you achieve what you want.

A leader should have a pro-active rather than a reactive approach to problem solving. In this era of fierce competition a leader simply cannot wait for things to happen. They should be an active leader like Daniel Assouline with a distinct ability to think and plan ahead of time.

Daniel Assouline monitors employee performance, gives suggestions and valuable tips for improvement, and works tirelessly to deliver solid service to his clients. He is highly qualified leader who has been a great ambassador for the organization he heads.
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