Daniel Assouline at Upclick in Montreal
CEO at Upclick

Daniel Assouline, UpClick co-founder and former CEO, has an engineering degree, plus a degree in Master of Business Administration. He co-founded UpClick from scratch. He took the company to the zenith of success through sheer hard work, team work, and determination. His vision and passion paid off beautifully. 

Words and deeds of Daniel Assouline are dipped in excellence. He strives for perfection; but he is not a perfectionist. He leaves room for improvement. He is open to learning. For him, each day is new and comes with its novel set of challenges. 
Daniel is prepared to face all challenges. He, with his great communication and interpersonal skills, is able to persuade people to perform big deeds with a high motivation level. 
Thanks to his abilities, he was able to create a motivated and talented team that took UpClick to towering heights of success. Today, the company is famous for being a reliable payment portal and is a favorite of many online merchants.
Humbly successful
Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO, never lets success go to his head. He has his feet firmly planted in the ground. Perhaps that’s why he is so popular among people. He is not arrogant and bossy. Instead, he is compassionate, friendly, and inspiring with a mix of discipline and flexibility. He knows when to bend the rules and when to abide by them. 
Daniel Assouline, Montreal based entrepreneur, has a lot of experience, especially in the online world. He also has in-depth knowledge of his niche area. He keeps himself updated with the latest developments in his chosen field and is aware of the latest market trends. He is comfortable with using path-breaking digital marketing tools.
 Amidst fiery ambition, Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO, is a fine human being. He is a gentleman. He likes to spend time with family and friends. He has four kids and he is proud of his family and work. 

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