Daniel Assouline at Upclick in Montreal
CEO at Upclick

Daniel Assouline Montreal based IT specialist Driving Canada’s E-growth

If Canadians have to prosper in the coming decade they have no other option but to run successful ecommerce businesses.

According to Daniel Assouline, Montreal based Information Technology specialist, making a success of e-tail business involves building a business plan, setting budgets and managing Key Performance Indicators.

Key Performance indicators are vital signals used by business managers to understand whether they are on the right track or not.

Most managers tend to get overwhelmed by the vast amount of data that they collect; as a result they are at a loss for proper insights.

“Your commercial decisions must impact your bottom line and optimize profitability through appropriate transaction management or payment systems”, says Assouline.

Needless to say effective website design is the key to success in e-tailing. Driving traffic makes sense but retaining hard won visitors into stable customers is what builds business.

Yet, to start with entrepreneurs making a foray into ecommerce must focus on driving customer traffic. Here things that will require attention should include SEO, affiliate marketing, PPC, e-mail marketing and more.

Assouline’s vision and his successes

Daniel Assouline Montreal based entrepreneur believes that ecommerce involves looking at how digital communication can be exploited to enhance a company’s supply chain management.

Assouline has the ability to put his beliefs into practice.

With inputs from Daniel Assouline, Upclick has assumed an invincible position as a key payment processing solution provider.

In addition, Upclick is now able to provide customers a World Class Affiliate Marketplace.

After his stint at Upclick, Assouline has ventured into new frontiers.

Under the leadership of Daniel Assouline of Montreal, Lavasoft has been able to create top-of-the-line defence against malware and cyber threats.

The road ahead

Figures from reliable sources reveal it has been good going for businesses in Canada for the year 2013 with the country having sold goods and services worth $ 136 billion, a laudable feat by any standards.

But more needs to be done if this country has to make significant ecommerce inroads in the next decade.

With men like Assouline at the helm, Canada is confident it will be able to steer its course comfortably in rough waters.

Daniel Assouline formerly Chairman and Co-founder of Upclick, is presently CEO of Lavasoft, an anti-spyware development company.

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